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About Kris Campbell

Me taking a photo of a small cascade at the Jacuzzi formation.
(At the bottom of the first cascade of Adams falls, the water passes behind through
a vertical rock cut-through and comes up under the back side of the bowl creating a
swirling current in the Jacuzzi)

Me Taking a Picture of Grace Waters on the ledge over Adams Falls.

Me Taking a pictures at Lake Jean.

Me taking a photo in the pool above Adams Falls.
(Rickett's Glen State Park: North Eastern Pennsylvania, Rt. 118 entrance to park)

Me shooting a photo of clouds on a mountain in Lehman.

Me taking a picture of a snow covered path.

Hobbies, Interests & Activities
Photography: Using a fuji & a Canon: EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Hiking ( Ricketts Glen & Wissahickon Trail System )
SingleTrack & Recreational Mountain Biking on a Cannondale
Rollerblading (Mission)
Snowboarding (Burton)
Rock Climbing (gym & bouldering)
Landscaping & Gardening (organic & hydroponics)
Apple Computers (use & mod)

A photo of my computer desk.

Web Design: Ricketts Glen and Lehman, Pa.
Painting (oil & acrylic), Drawing & Airbrushing
Making items from hemp: jewelry, net bags and plant slings
Other things I make: pillows and blankets